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‘Johnny’ Daley returns to TV after two decades ‘Johnny’ Daley returns to TV after two decades

The television series ' Lime Tree Lane' gave birth to the character that people came to love as 'Johnny'.

Actor and comedian Christopher Daley first appeared on television when the series aired on the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (now TVJ) performing in the role of Miss Zella's troublesome grandson.

Since 1997, after the station closed the curtains on the brilliant comedic series, Daley says he has not returned to television to act in a series until now, where he has earned a role in Dahlia Harris' Ring Games.

Harris plays the lead female role of Margaret. Daley's selection as Richie for Season 2 occurred almost instantly, he says.

Daley recalls that Harris called him and said, "Chris, me have sup'm fi yuh read. A you dis."

After reading the script, he wasted no time in returning her call and said, "A me dis."

The actor-comedian told THE STAR that the TV hiatus was not because he wasn't offered roles.

"I was just very protective of my brand 'Johnny' that stuck after almost a full decade of Lime Tree Lane, and if I don't feel that whatever I'm being asked to do won't be adding positively to the legacy of goodwill from those days, then I would usually turn it down. The other reason, of course, is that there have not been a lot of opportunities locally for our actors," he said.

Ring Games' second season premiered last Saturday on TVJ, and Daley said it was "wonderful" to be back on television playing an entirely different character.

"It's great to be back showcasing good talent and professional talent on television. My children, the millennial generation, have never seen me work, whether on TV or stage (acting), which is my first love, so I'm very excited about that," he said. "It is great to knock heads with fellow professionals. When you get the chance to work with this kind of talent and cast, it is clear as a dream. Anyone who is in the creative industry will know it from the moment an opportunity presents itself to work with people of like-minded energy, committed and disciplined."

Daley says it took much work, including into the wee hours. He said that his wife even asked many times if he was sure if he was on a production shoot.

Still, there were no regrets, not from Daley or any of the other actors or production team.

"Acting, particularly for television or film, takes a lot of mental preparation. Acting is basically reacting, but because the camera has its own lens, all one needs to do is be in the moment and allow the character to flow naturally, while remaining authentic to the script," he said.

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