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3ree Stools Sketch Comedy Series

3ree Stools is a short skit comedy series set inside a typical Jamaican Bar. Featuring three main characters. Patsy, a ghetto girl filled with ambition aiming to open her own restaurant and bar in the future, she’s outspoken and fear-less with a sharp tongue and witty mind. An experienced bar operator she answers to no one but the bigger boss who she communicates with on the phone. Patsy is a tough nut to crack but real gullible to fast talking Halfa Dog - her favourite and only taxi driver who always stops by to take a drink on his running bill. He’s a girl's man but admires Patsy's drive. They are friends but sparks may have caught fire on a few occasions. On his usual stool her long time sole customer Supa J, a retired labourer with strong Pan -African beliefs, he’s a constant bar fly sometimes drunk but always ready for a good conversation. His argument can sometimes seem outrageous. He’s a comical character who is tipsy in his demeanour but never drunk.

Produced by: Johnny Live Productions

Written by: Chris 'Johnny' Daley

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