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Paul O. Beal's Marriage Proposal is in Theatres!

Marriage Proposal is a comedy-drama that looks at the clash of a dating couple as they battle with the conflict of their differences in marital and other social issues. Although there is much love between them both, Ras I-Man-I wants Pauline to conform to his rasta expectations while Pauline has aligned her willingness to go with his wishes if he takes the appropriate steps to make her his permanent Queen. In the meantime, Pauline's visually impaired sister Elizabeth, who is setting an example of romance, is taking a strong stance against her sister's decision to want to marry the dread. Ras I-Man-I must now choose to either make a proper proposal or lose the love of his life to a bald head.

The play is an original comedy for the entire family.

Produced by: Johnny Live Productions & Tango's Entertainment

Directed by: Chris 'Johnny' Daley

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