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Johnny Celebrates 25 With Charity Roast

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley is celebrating 25 years as an entertainer whose career has spanned areas of theatre, radio, film, and comedy.

This multitalented Jamaican, who began as a child on the memorable Lime Tree Lane, is perhaps the only entertainer who still works actively in all the areas of entertainment aforementioned and remains relevant to all generations, designating him a bona fide celebrity, representing family brands and Corporate Jamaica. Johnny also contributes to countless acts of philanthropy.

The 25-year anniversary celebrations will kick-start with the staging of a charity comedy event dubbed 'The Roast of Christopher 'Johnny' Daley'.

The event will be held at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Cocktails begin at 7:00.

The Roast is expected to feature many of Daley's colleagues, paying tribute with good-natured ridicule. Some of those roasters include Ity and Fancy Cat, Elva, Miss Kitty, Michael 'Stringbean' Nicholson, Dr Michael Abrahams, among others, with musical guests Alaine and No-Maddz.

Proceeds from the event will contribute to the Half-Way Tree Primary School's Creative Arts Department.

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