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Johnny Talks Shop - Comedian Speaks About The Importance Of Corporate Jamaica To Creative Minds

Updated: May 6, 2019

Christopher "Johnny" Daley

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley has worn many hats throughout his career in entertainment. The former child star, who gained fame on the local sitcom Lime Tree Lane, has carved out an enviable niche in the entertainment industry.

A noted actor, director, event producer, comedian, radio presenter, and entrepreneur, Daley's fame has brought him numerous campaigns and associations with corporate Jamaica.

In a release to the media, Daley, who is currently a presenter at Portmore-based radio station Suncity 104.9 FM (where he hosts the weekly morning show Johnny Live), spoke about his affiliation with various corporate entities throughout his career.

"I have done work with brands such as Eve, Red Stripe, Digicel, Singer, Supreme Ventures, FLOW, Western Union, Wisynco, Burger King, and MegaMart. My most recent association with a corporate entity is a print campaign for Superior Optical," said Daley.

He was quick to mention Supreme Ventures as his favourite campaign with a corporate entity.

"The association with Supreme Ventures came at a time when I needed something new to push my career to another level. It did. It was an exciting time being the representative for a new brand that wanted to be bullish, so they gave me room to have input creatively. The marriage also lasted for a long time. Aside from them, I must mention MegaMart because I am also enjoying being the face of a family brand," said Daley.

Daley pointed out that his profile as a personality and brand had improved significantly since he became associated with corporate brands.


"An endorsement from corporate Jamaica, once properly established, is always positive. Corporate companies are usually very careful about their image, so an endorsement from any reputable company speaks volumes about you in terms of how you are perceived. You are usually chosen because you bring added value to a product or brand, and it says that you represent the essence of that brand."

Aside from the monetary benefits, there is a lot to be gained from being associated with corporate brands.

"The monetary security. If the right deal is struck, you can feel quite assured that your income is secured, and this will only help to keep your mind free to be even more creative. You also gain some insight into how corporate companies operate, experience that may help down the line.

There is also a vast amount of networking that can be positive. Promotion that you yourself couldn't pay for is an added benefit," Daley said.

Daley is celebrating his 25th year in acting and entertainment. He will culminate the milestone with the November 4 staging of an event called The Roast of Christopher Johnny Daley Live at The Pegasus hotel in Kingston. This will feature top comedians, actors, and other entertainment colleagues, including Elva, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ity and Fancy Cat, Dufton Shepherd, Michael Abrahams, Michael 'String Beans' Nicholson, Ms Kitty, Iceman, Deon Silvera, Alaine, No-Madz, and Dorothy Cunningham, among others paying tribute to Daley in comedic style.

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